Irish step dancing in San Francisco Bay. September, 2007. (Photo: Michael Darter)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Early Artifacts

Recently I discovered that The Sciences has been digitized. Below I've posted pieces that appeared under my name. I've been an independent writer since I left the magazine, in January of 1990.

Cultivating Nature (The Sciences Mar/Apr 1992)

Untimely Requiem (The Sciences Jan/Feb 1990)

The Scents Around Us (The Sciences Nov/Dec 1989)

The Big Picture (The Sciences Mar/Apr 1989)

Artifacts of Exploration (The Sciences Sept/Oct 1988)

But Is It Science? (The Sciences May/June 1987)

Stilled Lives (The Sciences July/Aug 1986)

Sun Gardens (The Sciences Nov/Dec 1985)